"Innovation for better health"

Era Bio has always been practicing the corporate mission of "Innovation for better health" since its establishment, and is committed to providing advanced and efficient technological guarantees for the health of all mankind.

In the development process of Era Bio, we have gathered a large number of professionals and elite backbones to form a vigorous, ambitious, strong and fighting team, and we also continue to welcome outstanding talents to join, to come to this platform to fully show their talents, and to grow with the company.

Our belief

  1. Leading technology brings the core competitive advantage of the company
  2. Professional service gains the recognition and trust of customers
  3. Outstanding talents are the cornerstone and source of power for the sustainable development of the company

Our philosophy

  1. Business philosophy: Open mind and humble heart
  2. R&D philosophy: leading technology and innovation spirit
  3. Talent philosophy: Employee benefits, individual advantages and self-realization

Our talent policy provides

  1. Systematic trainings for talents in their pre-job, in-service and elite stages, including professional skills, professional qualities and management skills
  2. Fair, reasonable and result-oriented incentive system and flexible talent promotion system
  3. Opportunities for those who want to achieve, a platform for those who can achieve, and a position for those who have achieved

Our talent training system is to

  1. Help every outstanding talent plan a development path that suits him
  2. Provide adequate training and exercises to continuously improve
  3. Give full play to the ability and value of talents