Hersea® Spray Dressing

Nasal spray to form an anti-virus and anti-bacteria protective layer.

Prevent multiple influenza viruses
Protective layer for anti-COVID-19
Specifications 7 mL/vial, 20 mL/vial
Product code HSD-01, HSD-02

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Product Introduction

The product is mainly composed of lyophilized powder, diluent and sprayer. The composition of the lyophilized powder is Tachypleus tridentatus hemocyanin. The diluent is 0.9% NaCl solution. After dissolving, it becomes a solution, the ingredients contained have no pharmacological effects, and the contained ingredients cannot be absorbed by the body.

By forming a protective layer on the surface, which acts as a physical barrier against the inhalation of dust, bacteria, and viruses, etc. Spray Dressing can be used to care for superficial wounds such as nose and surrounding skin. It also can be used to clean the nasal cavity and relieve symptoms such as nasal itching, nasal congestion and nasal discomfort.

Intended use

  • Anti-COVID 19
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Clean nasal cavity
  • Liquid mask


  • Good manufacture qualitand ability
  • Physical barrier: Forming a protective layer on the nasal cavity
  • Safe and efficient: Preventing virus from contacting the nasal mucosa
  • Relieving symptoms: Continuous relief of nasal discomfort
  • Hemocyanin is an important multifunctional immune molecule of bio-natural immunity, which has a varietof immunological activities and has an powerful inhibitoreffect on viruses
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Hersea® Spray Dressing 2
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7 mL/vial



20 mL/vial


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