COVID-19 IgG Lateral Flow Assay

COVID-19 IgG antibody rapid test within 10 min

Detection objects SARS-CoV-2
Methodology Lateral Flow Assay
Sample type Whole blood, Serum, Plasma
Specifications 40 tests/kit
Product code CoVGLFA-01

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Product Introduction

Virusee® COVID-19 IgG Lateral Flow Assay is a lateral flow immunoassay used for the qualitative detection of Novel Coronavirus IgG antibody in human whole blood / serum / plasma samples in vitro. It is mainly used in the auxiliary clinical diagnosis of novel coronavirus pneumonia.

The novel coronavirus is a positive single-stranded RNA virus. Unlike any known coronavirus, the vulnerable population for Novel Coronavirus is generally susceptible, and it is more threatening to the elderly or people with fundamental diseases. IgG antibodies positive is an important indicator of novel coronavirus infections. Detection of novel coronavirus-specific antibodies will aid clinical diagnosis.



COVID-19 IgG Lateral Flow Assay


Lateral Flow Assay

Sample type

Blood, plasma, serum


40 tests/kit

Detection time

10 min

Detection objects



The kit is stable for 1 year at 2-30°C



  • Rapid
    Obtain result within 10 min
  • Simple
    Visually reading result, easy to interpret
    Simple procedure, without complicated operation
  • Cost-saving
    Product can be transported and stored at room temperature, reducing costs
  • Low risk
    Testing blood sample, reducing the risk of sampling process
  • Suitable for screening on-site, bedside, outpatient

Background and principle

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that cause colds and more serious diseases. COVID-19 is caused by a novel coronavirus strain that had not previously been found in humans. Common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, shortness of breath, and dyspnea. In severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia, acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, and even death. There is currently no specific treatment for COVID-19. The main routes of transmission of COVID-19 are respiratory droplets and contact transmission.  Epidemiological investigations have shown that cases can be traced to close contact with individuals with confirmed infection.

Detection of microbe-specific IgM and IgG in circulating blood (a ‘serologic’ test) serves as a method to determine whether a person has been infected with that pathogen, either recently (IgM) or more distantly (IgG).

Various studies have also found that IgM and IgG detection may be a rapid, easy, and accurate way for detection of suspected SARS-CoV-2 cases. Diagnostic accuracy of COVID-19 might be improved by nucleic acid testing in patients with a history of epidemic disease or with clinical symptoms, as well as CT scans when necessary, and serum-specific IgM and IgG antibody testing after the window period.

COVID-19 IgG Lateral Flow Assay 1
COVID-19 IgG Lateral Flow Assay 2

Test process

COVID-19 IgG Lateral Flow Assay 3

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Product code


40 test/kit, strip format


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